Bubba's Personal Skin

** Credits**

Dean and Bliblix for the Model
Bloo for the hat
Half-Dead for skinning and hexing

** Download**

** Images **




Sexy :D. Well obviously i like it

Yo, dat shit is tight, bro.

Lol. A gangsta could come in use.

I like that facemap.

Finally a good casually semi-stereotypical black person.

Great, thanks.

Cool skin!

Wait, you got the male_06 HD face on the male_02 model? D:
Well, sounds good, might use it. (now there’s 2 fat people in the Personal Skin clan \o/ )

Fixed :eng101:


“Niggah stole mah bike”

(User was banned for this post ("Racism" - Dragon))

Pretty good. Where’d the pants come from?


what the fuck

Really nice, I like it.

Whoa, do want.

In fact, I think this is the perfect skin for a comic I have in progress. Excellent work.