"Buckle up boys, we're going in!" Dropship approacing target



I like it.



I love these models :smiley:

Rain is quite good but try making the models look as if they are taking some impact from the rain.

The engine outlets look really quite rushed and taccy :confused:

What map did you use and where are the models from :confused:

gm_flatgrass and Battlefield 2142, and some PMC models.

Ok thanks, I rated artistic :smile:

Nice one, a paint pallet for you!

Not bad. The engine stuff needs to be white in the centre though (same problem your muzzleflashes have sometimes) and the rain should be angled much more to suggest that the camera is moving with the vehicles.

Dammit, I try to make it more white :argh:

My main issue is with the model itself - the lack of a windshield on the vehicle in the foreground. It just seems like the pilots would get sucked out of their seats, or the rain would destroy the controls :P. The editing is very nice, though, particularly the second one (with the city).


I forget small details all the time.

I didn’t add a windshield :v:

The rain needs work

“To hurl chunks, please use the vomit bag in front of you.”