serious buck,i report "Blaster:D"and"Nips"you didnt ban them but we got banned?that guy same name with my teammates,we have been fight with hacker,type this "██"as steam name,name will become "Blaster:D"in the game

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we dont use cheat,dont play with cheaters,why do i report my friends?maybe my english crap,just think for a moment


this guy "Reece"they are truly with a team of hacker,“Nips”"Blaster:D"and a blank name guy,large groups hacker,that day you come to the server,they have report us rockbase,i think you can check his teammates,if you really check them,"Nips"still in their base

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before i think blow up the hackers base is the most fun in rust,but they are too cunning,300m headshot,aimbot,i report them,instead we get banned

This story is told a fool report his teammates then get banned,then this fool felling not willing,admin"dont know"there is same name,she dont want to use 6$for russia key,because admin cover up hacker,i dont belive admin didnt understand what she said,why report hers teammates,what did they give to admin?money?money betray justice,and admin worry about her speaking the truth,then keep banned her information,account,admin though the benefit nothing to worry about,because this fool from china,she do not speak english,ban reason:you were playing alongside a hacker,this is all,i dont know the admin on purpose?careless?perhaps really got money?why still banned all the account.waiting for him explain,Maybe get explanation banned again

What in THE hell are you talking about.
And spamming your own thread like a child who whines because they don’t get what they want isn’t helping your cause

i know you dont understand,but bucksexington know,1day he come to my base,ask me:"Blaster:D"is hacker? i said yes,im soo happy buck check "Reece"team,i cant belive he was referring my friends,same name,course he know is same name ,just pretend dont know,then we got banned,i report my friends?I have ask he banned us?

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a simple reason to get a simple ban,such fair admin

Maybe misunderstood? :mysterysolved:

Let’s take a look at how does he explain,ban this new account again or block

what. the. fuck?

short sentences, and focus on making sense. from what i could make out, your friend and a hacker supposedly had the same name, and you all got banned?

either way, as buck is a dev, if he bans you, you pretty much just need to move on. is it an “EAC:banned” message or a “you are banned” message?

Now you know what I say ,not EAC or VAC,just banned from Facepunch Seattle,still wating buck explain
When buck asked me “Blaster:D” is a hacker, omg, course said yes, we fight for this bastard a long time then i get banned, No time to explain is same name with my friends,I don’t believe he dont know there are two of the same name,Who will report his teammates, then banned?

then you got off light. you got an admin ban instead of a manual EAC ban (which they can do, and would ban you from all secured rust servers). which means that Buck is happy for you to play elsewhere, as long as you don’t play on seattle. i would suggest you take the hint and move on.

besides, “my friend just has the same name as the hacker” is a pretty unbelievable excuse, even if it were true.

alright,do you believe that if the admin ask your teammate is a hacker would you say yes, then very happy?not unbelievable excuse,if you change the same name his aimbot list has steammate name,like "Reece"i change the name to “Reece”,then his aimbot doesnt work

i believe that if a hacker told me it wasn’t them, but another guy with the same name, i would probably just ban the lot of them to be sure the hacker was gone.

and that a server ban is the lightest form of ban they have at their disposal. but that if you wait long enough, i’m sure Buck (or one of the other devs) will turn up and say pretty much the same thing. with less subtlety.

Are you saying I’m a hacker Kept explaining? This is my yesterday’s article, he banned my new account,http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1491655
At the beginning I thought I hide into the rock will be banned,god,actually not,I suddenly remembered that he said "Blasted:D"is hacker?God knows how the he thinking

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sorry…, the second time to write article ,I write this, buck can quickly understand,Because he knew that cause
and I hope he can explained carefully with me, not to say a paragraph then banned me, blockade article

OP, your English is so incredibly broken I find it very unlikely that you will find the help you need. I haven’t been able to understand even one of your posts.

okey…i should learn more