I rewrote it again,because of my broken english,a pile of chinglish

October 20 th maybe 21 forgot,bucksexinton come to my base,ask me:"Blaster:D"is hacker?omg,course said yes,im soo happy buck check "Reece"team,cant belive he was referring my friends,same name,course he know is same name ,pretend dont know?when I excited said we fight for this bastard a long time,then we got banned,No time to explain is same name with my friends,i report my friends?I have ask he banned us?i report "Blaster:D"and"Nips"you didnt ban them but we got banned that guy same name with my teammates,if the admin ask your teammate is a hacker would you say yes then very happy?They always use cheating to plunder heli, so I thought of a way to use the same name if change the same name his aimbot list has steammate name,like his teammates"Reece"change the name to “Reece”,then hakcer aimbot doesnt work.Because of this we won once,type this "██"as steam name,name will become "Blaster:D"in the game,if type something in game,Does is blank name.Please check carefully the background data

before i think blow up the hackers base is the most fun in rust,but they are very vicious 300m headshot,aimbot,i report them,instead we get banned

At the beginning I thought hide into the rock will be banned,actually not,I suddenly remembered that you said "Blasted:D"is hacker?God knows how you thinking,buck you didnt say reason is playing alongside a hacker,not rockbase,Until you explanation reason http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1491655

maybe have the following the explanation:A fool report his teammates get banned,then this fool felling not willing,admin"dont know"there is same name,dont want to move to other server ,because admin cover up hacker,i dont belive admin didnt understand what i said,why report my teammates,what did they give to admin?money?,and admin worry about i speaking the truth,then keep banned my information,account,admin though the benefit nothing to worry about,because this fool from china,she do not speak english,purpose of the administrator?careless banned?maybe really got the money?why still banned all the account.

pls explain buck,If you clear explanation,100%is my fault,I move to other servers,then sincerely apologize to you.

(User was banned for this post ("remaking locked thread" - Orkel))

(User was permabanned for this post ("won't stop spamming this" - postal))

Stop hiding in rocks and you wont get banned again… if that even happend.

reason is playing alongside a hacker,why say get banned again?

It is not very easy to even understand, what you want to tell.(?)

I want to figure out why I was banned, why buck do that, what is the real reason,if you have been unknow banned too, you should also like me.for example,if a thief group report you steal things,police put you in prison,how do you feel?

I can’t understand what you’re saying, Nightingale.

you don’t understand is normal,This is letter to bucksexington,he know the cause

Can you also put this in your native language so that we can have a go at translating this ourselves. We just don’t understand you man.

Google can’t complete the translation of my native language,I have studied English for six months ,and This is letter to bucksexington,he banned me,also know what i said,trying to explain to him