after a year long limbo, did a wallpaper for my friend depicting us horsing around on tf2 (events that took place over three years ago) – figured I should post it here


It’s a beautiful pic but it needs to be bigger and maybe a tiny border to go?

I like it, but the fire looks a little out of place. Maybe it’s the quality compared to the rest of the picture? I dunno, but to me it doesn’t look quite right.

I considered giving it the ‘poster 4’ treatment, but my friend’s monitor res. is 1920x1080, and all along that was just a wallpaper for him

No, i mean when you post it here in FP. I’m too lazy, just as a lot of people, to left click the image. I did it anyways but people are expecting to see maybe a 1000x1000 pic when a thread loads and not an image to be clicked. The image is great though.

well, I used to also post my big ol’ pictures, til’ I was asked to thumb em. 1920x1080 is my limit.

Do the poster 4, work on it in PS, downsize to 1920 an then save it like that.

Oh yea and naturally the pics that are too big must fit the monitor. I crop my pictures for a smaller version as well so that people can just click on the thread without having to scroll left or right

What if you want SDoF?

I do it with PS. That way I can edit what I want, and blur it later.

thing is, only a few photoshop effects are large enough to fit properly in a picture that big, some of them are already stretched in 1920x1080