Version 1.1
Do you play a lot of large maps? Ever get lost? Can’t find your friend’s latest contraption? Wasting all your precious gaming time running from one map corner to another? Relax… now there’s BuddyFinder to cure your ills!

Vast, wide-open spaces… your pals could be anywhere! With BuddyFinder - no problem!

What is BuddyFinder?
BuddyFinder is a quick and simple way to keep track of your buddies in large maps. There are teleporters, teleporters and then there is BuddyFinder. BuddyFinder is a teleporting device that acts more like a mobile/cell phone with contacts. Primary fire brings up your contact list (all the players on the server who have the BuddyFinder SWEP). Select who you want to call, just like on your mobile/cell and hit “Dial”. Your buddy will be notified of your incoming call and can switch to his/her BuddyFinder to pick it up (times out after 30s). If they accept your request to teleport, they can then quickly choose a spot for you to arrive at with the Laser Placement system - then BOOM! You’re there. No more searching gm_bigcity for inventions. No more wasted playtime looking for your mates. With BuddyFinder, “where are you?” is history.

The Laser Placement System - Choose the place where your friend will be teleported

[li]An easy-to-use and unobtrusive VGUI/HUD interface (works even when SWEP not selected!)
[/li][li]Basic Private Messaging - now you can trade personal messages without alerting the whole server!
[/li][li]Flashy teleport effects (including temporary teleport blindness)
[/li][li]Custom animated viewmodel (by yours truly, with additions and improvements by Cerebrate)
[/li][li]Allow/Deny on requests
[/li][li]Laser Placement System - represents the player height and width in AABB


Previous Versions
Version 1.0

Check out [thread=747579]this thread[/thread] for troubleshooting information before posting a help request or error report.

Special Thanks
[li]Cerebrate - for viewmodel adjustments and touchups
[/li][li]My brother - for hours of extremely boring test-play (and hours of non-boring after-test play)

A creative way to solve those pesky step-jump problems - with bonus eye candy!

The In-Game Menu - Reach out and touch someone (now with Private Messaging!)

Teleport Blindness - it takes just a few seconds to adjust…

Happy Finding,

Holy shit this will be awesome, I love the idea


And the whole thing with you accepting a “call”, choosing a spot and then your friend teleports there. It’s awesome

Phew… thats a mouth full, and an amazing idea, Im looking forward to this very much ^^. Go buy yourself a cake you deserve it :smiley:

Waw dawg. After that SWEP we will ride while we ride while we ride on our riding ride for ride :smiley:

Anyway cool.

Mmmmmm… cake…

That’s a real good idea. Perhaps you could use player.GetFriendStatus to give some players priority in the list. Just a thought. Keep up the good work.

^^ Hope you liked it XD

i cried

Oh god. Release it. Or i will release mine, lol. Though, your got fancy look. Great work. Cant wait to put it on my server.

Hey - that’s a good one :slight_smile:

It could be good idea to add auto reply. So i just press key to answer and game chooses position itself. When i’m busy constructing i usually dont have time to point around for my friend to appear. You know.

Must… Download… Twitch

Uhh… It’s not released in the release section?

Hey all - status update,

Tonight I completed 50% of tasks from of all that is left to have done before release.  Fingers crossed I can finish up in the next day or two.  It's looking pretty sweet.

ae (who is illogically addicted to working in his free time… fuck!)

Yay Will be released this week ^^, Have a cookie ^^



  • Three cookies for ye!


COOKIE!!! gives one to ancientevil ^^

ancientevil is beginning to resemble a barn with all these cookies and cakes… is starting to have trouble typing over sugar gut. He he.

Quick get on the treadmill ^^ heeheehee, Good luck with this addon aswell AE, This looks like it going to be… :siren: GREAT! :siren:

Okay, here’s the deal. It is all working except one thing. The viewmodel. Reason being, I recently upgraded my distro and now I need to figure out why (tf) my SMD export scripts are creating viewmodels like this (it’s not the checkerboard I’m concerned about):


…er…tiny… hands…

…holy fuckballs tiny hands…

(don’t even ask how I managed to find it on the map)

So… do I release it to you guys without a custom viewmodel (everything else works) or do I wait?

Ultimately my choice but whaddayareckon?