Buff to salvaged axe

Salvaged axe are meant to replace the metal hatchet for geared players. But it’s becoming a hesitation for them as they find salvaged axe too expensive and not cost worthy for just gathering wood. Yes, the salvaged axe does gather more resources than the metal hatchets but not enough comparing to the material cost. (It only gathers 2 more wood per 10 seconds than the metal hatchet)

If the salvaged axe is getting buffed, it should be buffed to: (resource cost/fire rate should stay)

80+ wood per hit
Triple the durability
80 damage for animals and 50 for humans

The salvage tools are useless last time I tested them against pick axe and hatchet.

The axe does give you more wood pr hit, but it hits slower, and you are hatching about the same rate. However the salvage axe gives you less wood pr tree.

The salvage pick axe is even worse, as it only gives you 2 HQM on high yield stones, and less resources overall.

I tested this some patches ago(2-3 months ago), so it may have changed over the last few patches, but I doubt it.

Last time I tested, hatchet mines a tree in 30s whereas salvaged axe does the job in 20s. Both get the same amount of wood. That makes the salvaged 33% faster at harvesting wood. I can’t say the same for for the salvaged pick though, it does seem to produce lower yields on my tests so pickaxe is better.

the salvaged stuff isnt supposed to be better, its that kind of stuff that you use before knowing how it really works.

I think salvaged tools fall between stone and metal. They should be much more common then use them till you get the hatchet pick.make them frags to find since they’re so expensive to make

Honestly, I agree with the title, since the cost between the salvage axes and hatchet /pickaxe is pretty signfact, I think they should buff it. Also, you guys forgot to motion that the salavage axes are turned to break faster than the Pickaxe/hatchet. I think they should both buff since thier cost.

You’re basically telling me that salvaged axe is useless but doesn’t require buff.

i think they should move the hatchet to the book too and make the grain better and the salvaged stuff should stay as it is and be more common.

The ice pick does not yield as much HQ metal compared with the stone pick …cant see the point in that