buff up the animal threat for 2016?

I think the best way to fill the PvE gap right now is to make bears and wolves a serious threat again. I honestly have never found that bears to be a real threat because they usually just get glitched in the rocks and dont chase you.

make them a real threat by increasing the numbers and ferociousness of wolves and bears. remember the huge wolf packs? I want to have that overwhelming feel where you have to GTFO when a whole bunch of animals is about to get you.

Totally, we need this. More animal types, actual animal AI (not just a neutral/murderer switch), I’d like a lone wolf for example to be skittish maybe but a small pack to be more threatening, perhaps even use pack tactics with one lone wolf up front drawing attention while the rest of the pack sneaks from behind, etc.

Add big cats, snakes, piranhas, etc. We need this.

buffing can easily be fixed, but adding all those animals to the game might take awhile. besides that until metabolism gets patched good luck with 20 different types of meat.

More pve threat would be nice. Adding animals should be restricted to the biome IMO. Hopefully biomes get a bit more refined. For example: rattlesnakes in the desert, grizzly bears and gray wolves in the forest, and polar bears and arctic wolves in the snow.

More animals that are also more threatening. Wolves need to travel in packs, bears need to be tanky as fuck, and we need other predators in general. Maybe deadly sea creatues in deeper water(mutated sharks/jellyfish).

You gonna think twice before you swim over to the other side of a lake


lake mutant NPC hell yes (only in deeper areas, and he can come up on shore during night)

Has anyone played “Another World” back in the day. The sea creature like that would be bad ass and creepy as hell!

Adding more features to the wildlife would be nice. Like in addition to the stray lone deer/horse maybe you could start implementing herd/pack behavior. Have groups of maybe 1-2 dozen that wander around the map.

It’d make hunting game more interesting and make wolves an legitimate threat.