Buffalo Bell

Hi. I’ve been having this sort-of weird fetish/obsession over a Japanese baseball mascot named Buffalo Bell, and she’s from the Orix Buffaloes team. All I’d really want is to have probably a ragdoll, NPC, or playermodel of her. You can also Google her name in moonrunes, “バファローベル” to get a better reference. Sorry, but I’m pretty new to this board.

And if anyone’s not sure what she looks like:


You admitted that it was your fetish, I doubt anyone will even consider it now.

I doubt anyone would do this for free.

quite the first post ya got there.

I’ve seen this character and she is such a beauty.

Support this character, i do.

looks like a reject sonic character, also reminds me of how the toronto blue jays mascot is really goofy. i wonder who’d be up to modelling this though… since it’s just a guy in a suit it might not need facials. and there could be an unmasked version that’s just some real creepy looking guy. yeah in truth that’s what most of our mascots really are.

I think you’ve been on /v/ too long, OP.

And i doubt you’re older than 14.

Came in thinking it was Buffalo Bill

Left knowing it was Buffalo Bell


i agree, and spinach is yucky!!!

oh wait I forgot neither of these things have any relevance to the thread or to what OficerHonkHonk said

What if the Pyro’s Pyrovision had him seeing this?

Then in reality he would actually be burning the shit out of it.

OP detected.

Fucking a mascot? I’ve heard everything now.

It could be worse.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D3syMbZfk0A&feature=related Well, someone made her for that Miku dance game, which I think there’s a thread here somewhere with someone who ports from it. I’d look into that angle.

after the lucky star pack then
and send me a dl link

fucking a dead mascot

The models here aren’t for download. From what I assume, the creator’s possibly thinking about redoing them after I saw this WIP on her Pixiv: http://www.pixiv.net/member_illust.php?mode=medium&illust_id=27873446

Well you can’t get it into gmod without the model.