Buffalo Bell

You know, I’m surprised nobody has re-directed him to the request section yet.

Because if someone who likes this sees the request it might actually get into gmod.

Here is what I think: In his mind, he is dancing in a field with Buffalo Bell.

In reallity, he is throwing the corpse of the scout at his enemies.

Here’s what I think: In his mind he is dancing in a field with Buffalo Bell.

In reality, he is throwing the corpse of Buffalo Bell at his enemies.


So sue me, my idea was better.

You slow or what?

What Honk wrote was something a 14 year old would say.

If you read it again, maybe you get it.

In that case, you must be 13.
And I think you’re the slow one, it took you two days to reply to his post.

Wow you must be 13, you’ve rated me dumb in like every thread I’ve posted with you in it.

nope, sorry to disappoint.

Yeah, i have a life outside Facepunch, can you imagine.

Well, many of your posts has been dumb, hence the rating.

Thankz babe

You’re welcome.

Requests section is here: http://www.facepunch.com/forums/44

So what if Buffalo Bell is his thing. I’d say let him enjoy what he likes rather than poke at the OP and make fun of him for liking something different.

I think the flak was more directed to trainguy

Don’t see anything wrong with the op in particular, everyone has their fetishes and all that.

But some are more creepier and crazier than others.