"Buffer Overflow in Net Message"

This error plagues me and many of the members of a DarkRP server I frequent. Whenever 2 or more people are talking on mics at once, those in earshot are often disconnected with this message. Suggested fixes have been “myinfo_bytes 8192” (And other larger numbers) However, these seem to no longer work. If anyone knows anything that would help, I would be very appreciative. Thank you for your time.

What message?

“Buffer Overflow in Net Message”

This happens depending on what your client has to load when entering the server, a lot of data is sent to the client, and a lot of rendering needs to be done. It’s been an issue for quite a while, and it’s more frequent on larger servers for obvious reasons.

I believe it may be fixed in the upcoming “Big Update,” along with the reliable snapshot overflow.

Alright, this is indeed a large server, frequently full of 64+ players. I am glad to hear it may be fixed in the upcoming update.

Basically if you or the server your trying to connect to is laggy as shit it will do that.

Just keep re-trying.

Packet loss is the main cause and it’s generally because client is not able to send enough packets and yes this is down to your internet connection. You can fix this by stop downloading so much whilst connected to a multiplayer server, and the fact that your joining a 64+ server increases your chances of the error.