Buffet Equipment

I have ideas for an RP map, and one of them is a buffet. However, there are no models available for such a thing, and I don’t want to make brushwork furniture. So all I need are the following models.

Buffet table (best one I could find):






Specific Requirements:

  • No wheels on the buffet table
  • Two different models for the tongs: one with a ragdoll’d joint, and one without
  • A separate buffet table that can sit up against the wall for smaller spaces (i.e. only one accessible side)
  • Collisions in the food bins for models to be placed there
  • Tray counters on the buffet tables (the ones where you slide your tray down as you go)
  • Leave the tables empty; don’t put food in the bins

Sorry if I’m not specific in certain parts.

Do you want a really long buffet table or are you going to line a bunch of them in a row?

EDIT: Progress


I’m just going to line them in a row. Nice work, BTW.



1004 triangles (I have no idea if that is a lot or not)

Tomorrow I’ll do the other props/collisions and make better textures.


Just a last minute thought, but can you add this as a second skin?:

Food Bin at 236 triangles


Most of my time has been at tweaking BerconWood to this, but if it’s too awkward I can just find an actual wood texture instead of generating one.

The food bin’s a really nice touch.

So after an eternity of learning how UV mapping works and how to properly export multiple textures, I finally got it completely into source.


Now all I have to do is make the tongs, tray and mess with the vtm settings.

Sorry for the long reply, but after another eternity later, I think I figuring out how to get speculars and bumpmapping to work somewhat nicely. (I may have to tone down bumpmap)


However, this problem keeps happening as though there is no light at all at certain angles, including opposite the sun.



Also, the glass is not transparent in Gmod, even though it is in modelviewer/sfm.


to some degree

the $opacity command doesnt work if thats what youre trying to use, and also the color shaidng problem might be from the illumposition. if $illumposition is in your qc remove it so that the compiler will automatically create one.

I’m not using $opacity nor $illumposition.

$modelname				"inevitable/buffet_equipment/Food_Station.mdl"
$body Food_Station			"Food_Station.smd"
$collisionmodel				"Food_Station.smd"
$mass					"100.0"

$surfaceprop				"Metal_Box" 
$contents				"solid" 
$cdmaterials				"models\inevitable\buffet_equipment"
$texturegroup				"Food_Station_skins"

 {	"Material__142" "metallic" "red" "wood1" }
 {	"Material__142" "metallic" "red" "smoothed_noise" }

$sequence idle "Food_Station" loop fps 30

Glass’s VMT


	$model				"1"
	$color2				"{127.0 199.0 205.0}"
	$translucent			"1"
	$alpha				"0.3"

Wood’s VMT


	$model				"1"
	$basetexturetransform		"center 0.5 0.5 scale 2.0 2.0 rotate -90.0 translate 0.0 0.0"
	$bumptransform			"center 0.5 0.5 scale 2.0 2.0 rotate -90.0 translate 0.0 0.0"
	$basetexture			"models/inevitable/buffet_equipment/wood1"
	$bumpmap			"models/inevitable/buffet_equipment/wood1_bump"

Everything going alright, Comet?