[BUG] 4 bugs that are most annoying for me

First bug - I can’t use search function. When I try to use it, I get message like “Timer error … cl_searchmodels.lua(16)” After I type at least one letter, game freezes for a second and then starts to glitch so much, that fps drops to about 10 fps.
Another bug is reflections on water. Not sure if it’s common source engine bug or is it just Garry’s mod, but it’s really annoying when reflection is above the object and you see the bottom of the model (for example i place a rock and it has no bottom part. But in reflection I see the lower end of the rock and that “hole” in the model)(I hope you did understand what I mean. If no - I can make some screenshots later today)
Bug #3 is that fire particles don’t work. Just don’t show. No matter if it’s ignite tool or custom tools or even fire that is placed on the map itself.
Also I can’t use paint tool on brushes (I mean ground, walls etc.).
It’s not only me because my friends have same problem and it’s really difficult to make blood or scorches because I make a comic and I need them to stay at the exact place, so I can’t use photoshop for it.

I hope that you will read this and fix it soon.

Oh, and L4D2 still can’t be mounted in menu. The button just disappeared.