Bug: Animal spawn problem... they follow me home

Im sure Garry is already aware of this but thought i would post it anyway just in case and to show anyone that is interested…

The problem is when animals re-spawn they all spawn at coordinates 0,*,0… here is the outcome:

This really should be in bug Section as devs are adding animal A.I,
I can confirm this created 2 servers same thing.

It seam like the first spawning works spawning in forests but the center point soon fills up with animals,

You are probably right (garry or the team knowing about this) but i have thought that before and not reported only to find it was not known to the devs.

I found this earlier after the server reset. I had so much cloth…

Must’ve been one hell of a fight

i basically spun in circles while swinging my torch

Oh… My… God… I have GOT to find the center of the map! I have been running around for 4 days tryzing to find an animal. There is no cloth anywhere else on the map. I SO want to set up my camp right next to this herd!!!

Looks like this issue is fixed! (logged on for 20 mins in my lunch hour and saw 2 deer and a bear)!

Thanks Dev team!

Don’t rush Neil don’t think it is sorted I just made a server with new server and client and new seed, animals are still spawning in center after death.
What might have happened is they reset the server and the first spawn wave of animals does spawn correctly. So you might have got on just after restart when animals have spawned in forest. Give it a few hours and people will have killed off most of the first wave spawns and the center will be full.

Damn it! Looks like once again I was over-eager! lol

Shame, I had a quick look in my lunch break, and was all excited about getting home this evening to have a proper play, crafting my sleeping bag, furnace and armor, etc… ah well, patience is a virtue (that I don’t possess…)

Or maybe not missed an update while playing just testing now :slight_smile:

Ooh… ooh… I’m excited… the suspense is killing me… lol

My bad Animals are no longer spawning in center of map. Sorry about that :slight_smile:

So gonna do a bit more exploring to see if animals spawn in my forest where i am building my house

Don’t apologize, I can go back to looking forwards to this evening again! lol

But apparently the center of my map is now an airport and is spawning an aeroplane,

Not seen this happen in a few weeks, Wonder if this is the cause of the continuous plane sound sometimes on the map?
They spawn @ sea level under the terrain on maps with a higher ground level @ center of map,

wonder if i can put a runway under it and call it my private Jet

Still massive animal cluster fucks at center of map an NO animals elsewhere. Both Facepunch dev servers have this problem right now.

So this is why…

I reinstaled rust 2 times + updated and checked my drivers like 3 times because i though i was having a sound issue again -_-. This plane sound… started to get really annoying after the first 20 min lol

Planes: This has been happening for weeks I have seen it a few times. Once it happens on a server its there till the server is restarted.

Animals: Ander is on this today I tested after attempt 1 but animals still respawned at center.

Just waiting for next updates “attempt 2 and the probable fix” then gonna test it again.

Once this bug is done and the loss of ownership of sleeping bags and keys after server update is done we will be able to settle in. :slight_smile:

Can’t wait for that! Thanks for the update, Kulan.

Yes, but have you seen a mysterious black smoke, a polar bear, or a hatch?

Does that guy in pic make you think naked Lock ?

But whats that on the right is it a Particle effect that does not dissipate (bug) or an ominous white smoke monster :slight_smile:

Oh and i think that this bug is now fixed, i’ve checked a few servers after updates and animals are not spawning @ center of map anymore.