BUG: Auto Turrets are not working

So as far as I’ve tested.
Auto turrets aren’t shooting anyone (as of new patch).
As standard, put turret in location (tried multiple ground/roof), auth, fill with ammo, turn on.
Now I thought maybe it was a new feature if someone had building privilege where the turret is located it wouldnt shoot them, but I got another player with no build privilege and no auth on the turret to run past. He could literally walk up to it and it would just scan back and forth like he wasnt there. Not until he attacked the turrent (melee or gun) that it shot at him.
Players can literally run past your turrets they wont shoot at anyone.
Wish I knew this before I put 6 of them around my base :S

Anyone noticed the same thing?

Hi, I have exactly the same concern. Can you make a patch patch where we say thank you if this is normal

Yeah me too. my first time building the turret. Got nothing in return besides a raided base

Please fix this !!

Yep. They only shoot if you shoot them, and even then sometimes they do fuck all.

Definitely still an issue as of 2/7.