bug: bear traps show as unarmed but not

Armed bear traps show up as unarmed for me. Nasty nasty trick.

Yeah I fell for that one too.

Same, and unarmed traps are showing up as Chinese guys running at me shouting ‘Friendry Friendry’

I have the same problem, do the Chinese people sound 12 to you too?

I’ve seen a related issue with doors. Actually it’s much more troubling as doors that are closed will appear open and you walk up to them, click on them to clock them and you hear the opening animation and then you click again to close them but one in 5 times I can actually walk through that ‘open’ door, even though the game thinks it’s closed. I walk through it, turn around and when I click on it it plays the open sound and then I have to click again to close it.

Yep. Ive seen the foo thing too.