I’ve been having some troubles with rust, I just got it and would really like to play but for some reason when I start up playing on a server, (any server) it says all the stuff like "loading trees etc.) but when everything finishes loading up the screen goes black, but I can still see the chat and my hotbar. I can use chat and talk to people, I can also interact with the items in my hotbar for example I can use my torch (I know its being used but I cant see it because the durability goes down) so it isnt just dark or night time. all my graphic settings are normal and I would really like to experience rust in all, so if anyone has an idea or can help please let me know.

also im using a mac desktop


please, can you guys get a mods attention to help me out

System specs?
drivers updated?
tried in dx9?
verifiy integrity of game cache?
tried reinstalling?