Bug - Build 1211 - Bandage


you can’t “correctly” click on “Use Bandage” if you bleed. The “Use Bandage” button is blinking.
Qould be nice if that gets fixed.

I found this today When trying to learn Blueprints Had to keep pressing learn like 10 times before it registered.

That’s when you’re taking damage from radiation, bleeding, drowning or burning.

When the damage is applied the context focus on the button appears to be lost for some reason.

it is quite annoying.

I’ve never even used that button…put in hotbar, press button. Also applies instantly, meaning that if you have 40 bandages you’re pretty much unkillable in a melee fight :wink:

Putting your food / med supplies in your hot bar makes it accessible despite this issue. I agree though that it’s annoying. When running through a rad town, I like to hit “learn” on a BP that I pick up right away in case I die. You can’t really do it with this bug.