Bug: Building blocked everywhere

I was fine for a while on the server. I am a modded server (regular Oxide server) and I did just teleport home (sethome/home plugin that most servers use).

Suddenly, every location says building blocked, and I can’t build if I try. I relogged and same issue. I swear I saw someone else post with this problem also.

Seems like a bug to me. Thanks.

BTW, you guys at Facepunch are doing an amazing job. It is looking really good. There are tons of cool things in the game. There of course are some problems (the loot grind in barrels) but still it is a pretty amazing job of transparent development. Thank you.

Inb4 elix.

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You can’t build except where you already have a cupboard. No foundations, sleep. bags, tool cupboards.

You realize how much it sucks not being able to place anything or build another base if you need to.

sometimes as well on my server people are getting authorized everywhere and able to remove and build on other bases since todays update

having this problem too

having the same problem, anywhere I go on the map getting authorized everywhere and anywhere even at other peoples bases and I haven’t even gone near the cupboards.

Confirmed, Tool Cupboards are not preventing people from building in placed area only stopping them from removing existing items.

Same problem, people even get authorized on other peoples bases. I hope we get a fix soon for whatever it is.

Can confirm. Have had 10+ reports of exactly this happening on my server.

The only fix for this bug is to either be killed or kill yourself(cant confirm killing yourself works though).

Also after respawning most of these people have said that they now had building access even when they should be blocked.

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The fact that you are also on a modded server, is starting to make me think that this bug is being caused by a plugin. not a game wide bug.
I will investigate my plugins asap and see if I can find anything.

your server is probably out of date

Do you mean completely out of date (since the major update) - or just a small patch or two behind? Maybe that is the reason. But the server did get the big update.

But I could see a plugin doing this too.

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Is your server fully updated?

Not trying to be rude Garry, but I’m not an idiot. My server is up to date with the latest build. (that was one of the first thing’s I checked.)

same my server is up to date with latest oxide version installed getting same tool cupboard problems since todays rust update

Yes it’s fully updated, after Garry’s comment I’d say its most likely a plugin causing it.

what plugins does the server you’re playing on have?

Have you tried turning it on and off?

Yes I have restarted the server since applying the hotfix, seemed to work until an hour later when I got another report

It is weird - what plug in would be related to building permissions?

We haven’t seen anyone on a vanilla or Official server say they had this bug - so it probably is related to the modded servers.

There’s only 2 plugins on my server that have anything at all to do with building privilege, they are Limited Ladders and the Remover Tool