[Bug] Building Privilige

aiight so i have noticed this hepening on several Modded servers i play on (and afew officials aswell) since the latest patch the bug can be abused very hard sadly and should be fixed asap, the bug is as follows:
You can build everywhere! and by everywhere i mean it, u can build inside rad towns efectivly blocking them off with 2 foundations and a wall, u can build on other peoples bases (even tho u are not authorized in the tool box thingi) making it extreamly easy to raid (even tho the /remove function dosent seem to work luckly)

and on the other hand, a reverse bug may occur aswell, where u cannot build anywhere, u would stand in a middle of an empty field with nothing for miles and ull get the “Building blocked” message no metter where u go or what you do.

server restart dosent seem to fix this issue, the only way to fix it is by dying.
now, idk what causes this bug, i have gotten it like 3 times so far and it seems to be random, and im not the only one getting it, atleast 2 friends i have been playing with expirienced it aswell.

(Sorry if i posted this in the wrong forum or w/e im new to this thing, if i did just slap me a warning and delete this post :tried:)

2 players on my server have the same issue, they cannot build anywhere - Recieving the ‘Building Blocked’ message - At first I thought it might have been the zone manager plugin acting up (As I use this for the village shop as a safe haven where building is forbidden) - but I completely removed this plugin and still the problem remains…

Glad someone else has posted about this issue, I thought it was just my server…

I and another player on my server just met the same issue.
We both see a notice “Building blocked” when we stand on a desolate plain with no tool cupboard around.

I hope this will get fixed soon…

Players on our server are have the same issues, it breaks the game due do people being able to build raid towers or even remove someone elses base completeley

You can prevent this by not having /remove tied to tool cupboards. Silly, grief-riddled method anyway.

I don’t have the remove plugin installed, so it cannot be that.