Bug? Can't interact with world since last update

Since the last update, I can’t interact with the world in any servers I join.
I’ve uninstalled twice, the second time I manually removed the ‘rust’ folder from my steam library folder too.
At first, I could do things like harvest, light torch, use “kill” console command on modded servers but not community servers, now I can’t do anything on modded servers either.
For instance, I’ll light the torch, the animation will happen, but the fire/light doesn’t appear. I’ll hit a tree with my rock, but no wood is ever harvested.
I also suspect (though hard to prove) that other player models aren’t appearing for me on any servers I join.
I can connect fine and run around the map, however.

The console shows a bunch of errors like:

<color=#A18836> Renderer ‘player_naked_torso_LOD2’ is registered with more than one LODGroup (‘player/player_model’ and ‘skin_torso(Clone)’).</color

…for every part of player model, and for LOD0 - LOD3.

If i try to type a console command, it’s repeated back at me, eg. <color=#418342>kill</color> and with no actual interpretation/eval of command.

Just reporting this here in the hope someone else has experienced this and has a workaround, or that it’s useful for devs who can fix it in future versions. Happy to help with more details about my system config, etc., if that would help.

there was an error in the old rust regarding the time. Is your date set right on the computer? it most probably won’t help you as I see it’s something about “lod” but … this is all I got

Update: after testing as many client side things as possible, I’ve started just trying all sorts of servers, and I don’t know if this is just coincidence in terms of versions/server config, but anything with over >300ms latency from me seems to be working OK, anything under is still giving me the symptoms I outlined in the OP.

Related, do most people let their Rust client auto-update, or you do manage those manually and just update when you know your favourite server has updated?

I don’t know whether it’s a server issue or a terrain issue- but I doubt it’s a terrain issue because the foundation was place-able. I’ve quit the server, quit the game, doesn’t fix it. I’ve joined a different server and was able spanishprograms - learn spanish fast to place walls and doorways just fine, so perhaps it’s a server issue?