BUG - Can't Post In Chat - Anyone Else?

Hey guys/gals. I’m having an issue after the patch this morning where I can’t seem to post in chat. I press enter and it brings up the green chat box but it won’t let me type anything in it. I’ve tried clicking on it, closing and opening it, but I get nothing. I was able to chat this morning after the initial big patch, but to do it then I had to hit enter to open chat, then escape to close it, then enter, then escape, and eventually I’d get a cursor and could type. After the second, smaller patch, it’s now broken for me completely and I can’t type a thing.

Anyone else?

yup im getting that too, cant execute console commands either.

well, i seem to have the same bug/error but only when i tried to submit my text with the return button (normal enter). When i use the numpad enter, i have to tab it twice and i’m able to post my chatmessages…

I cant post either, havent tried Endorian’s workaround though

Alt+tab out then back in, then click on the text box. That works for me.

I’ve tried Endorian’s…alt+tab out then back in…standing on my head clucking like a chicken…nothing works.

Same issue, please fix this! I am an admin of a server and can not run half of our commands!

I too have had this issue since the latest patch. In previous updates a chat bug could be fixed by tabbing, but yeah since this "c4 patch " nothing ive tried works.

its frustrating, my laptop doesnt have the issue

Any Chance you guys user Razer Keyboards?

Have this bug, no razer keyboard

I use a Logitech G15 keyboard.

MS Natural kb for me and I have the same issue. No amount of shit+tab, switching out of the game, or keypad has worked.

That said, my game crashes occasionally and boots me to desktop. Sometimes the chat / console will work after I restart, sometimes it doesn’t.

Had this problem too, seems normal enter only enters chat mode now, but pressing keypad enter is what actually lets you post the message after you type it. Very annoying

I’ve tried the keypad enter and it doesn’t do anything differently than the regular enter key. Still can’t type or even see a cursor. Anyone using an AMD video card by chance? Wonder if this is a weird holdover from the AMD crash issues?

Nope, get this bug on my nvidia card

Don’t think it has anything to do with nvidia. I have an AMD card and have this bug as well.