Bug colony game mode?

is there a gamemode in which you play as an antlion in a colony?

I was thinking that it would be awesome to have a massive colony, and you choose what type of antlion you are and then you have to compleate tasks (gather food, destroy intruders, build tunnels, etc.) to keep the colony going.

nice good idea :)!!!

So i am asuming there is no such game mode,

that is one where you play as an antlion

It kinda reminds me of the game Ants.

But no there is no such Gamemode though it probably would be a nice idea if done well.
At least i don’t think there is such a Gamemode that exists

who knows maybe somebody will see this and be inspired

Yeah but I cant make a gamemode can I!!

I may be interested in doing this after I finish my current WIP. It sounds like fun to make.

that would be awesome, if you do be sure to let me beta test

Well seeing as it was your idea of course.

Not a bad idea, but what would the features of the gamemode be?

It’s kind of reminding me of the Sims, just with antlions and different things to do.

I dont know but I assume you would start as a type of antlion, and then based on your type you would have to do a job to keep the colony alive

like a community wide hunger mod, so every individual must work to support the whole

Would take a large server slot count to keep it balanced.

another idea we could use filler npcs within the colony when the server is low on players

and of course roaming npcs to hunt/defeat to protect the colony

I have officially started work on it.

awesome, PM me when you are ready for beta tests