bug connexion

hi everyone I have a rust account and it turns out that my Coptic no longer works did I hack me help me! please

PS i am french. :slight_smile:

What’s a coptic.

a man with long hair on his body

guessing he means, “account no longer works, did someone hack him”

yes rapidx

Oh. In that case, when was the latest time you played? If it was more than a month and 1-2 weeks ago, your account was wiped.

he was yesterday

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and if he would was deleted why?

Mass deletion of accounts because of inactive testers.

and how can I recover my account or get a key

You can buy a key at playrust.com/buy.

Not sure if the dutch auction is open though.

You can’t recover your account.

and I see that give you key rust?

You’re gonna have to repeat that.

and if you have a banned account is how are we to get unban?

If you were banned it was more than likely for a good reason / for inactivity. You will not be able to appeal for unban at the moment.

I shall use google trans!=clé ne peut pas être récupéré
(sorry only using it to tell him)