[BUG] Containers that can't be opened

Many containers can’t be opened right now, other players noticed this bug sometime in the evening yesterday but its gotten much worse since then, when this bug was first found we only knew of one container that couldn’t be opened, now it seems like half the containers can’t be opened. I even found a loot sack, dropped by a zombie or a player that couldn’t be opened.

Many flares and lootsacks from yesterday evening are still laying around too.
Around 10 - 11 am GMT+1

I can confirm this. Even some zombies are stuck and doing nothing.

Thanks for the report. I just reproduced this issue too. We’ll figure out whats going on. Boxes that can’t be entered are likely not suppose to be there. We just updated our networking api and put a new webplayer up which may or may not fix this issue, but we’ll go over how we are destroying stuff in general since it seems like its related.