BUG? - Default Items in Loot Drop Again

I was doing some barrel smashing last night, and got the blueprints for a bandage. Anyone else notice any other default items?

Also, not sure if this is related, but I did 4 loot runs through small rad (which is giant now) and got nothing but trash out of 20 crates. Do these have the same chance of spawning rare items as barrels now?

The bandage is no longer a default BP, actually. The main server I play on wiped BPs along with the map Thursday. I got attacked by a wolf right after spawning. No big deal! Just quickly harvest, and craft a bandage! And then to my surprise, I realized I didn’t have a bandage BP…

EDIT: Not sure if they intended to remove the bandage as a default. I think it’s a terrible idea. But that’s the way it currently is.

Ah…okay. Yea, that does suck not having bandages as a default. Another item like the Code Lock that makes it not worth really starting the game until you have done your naked barrel hunting and found the bp.