[BUG] Delay in commands

I have been experiencing a delay in commands e.g. i press forward and it goes forward sometimes minutes later. Can someone please help me:smile:

Have you tried updating your webplayer from http://www.unity3d.com/webplayer ?

Yes It is me suhair updating did not help

what browser are you using?

I am using Safari on a mac

i’ve looked a bit on google, it seems its a issue with unity and safari. It’s great to have mac testers, would it be possible for you to try a different browser? I think you can grab chrome for mac, it’d be great of you could test it and report if its any better.

I take it your frame rate is good, its just the input commands that are slow right?

My frame rate is good but when i tried playing on google chrome the delay was 10 times worse. even the mouses input become slow.