[Bug] Don't cancel item queues with right cllick!

As you may or may not know, there are two ways to cancel crafting queues.

One way is by clicking the X on the right side of your screen next to the item name.

Another way is by right clicking the item in your crafting book. - NEVER DO THIS, BECAUSE WHEN YOU DO, YOU DO NOT GET REFUNDED THE MATERIALS.

Just thought i’d warn you guys before any of you lose a lot of materials due to it. I cancelled 10 metal chestplates before realizing what had happened. XD

… I get my materials back

when mass canceling gunpowder at least

i have the same bug as the op, but it seems random, sometimes i do get them other times i don’t.

Odd I don’t know why but nothing is refunding when I use right click to cancel queue. Thanks for the info though