[BUG] Duping (sort of) a flare with chicken.

I ran into this issue last night and is reproducable.
Step 1: Put a flare in your hot bar.
Step 2: Take out the flare and use it.
Step 3: Switch to another item (hatchet)
Step 4: Place a piece of cooked chicken in the same hot bar slot as the flare was.
Step 5: Attempt to eat the chicken (it won’t let you)
Step 6: Move the chicken to your inventory.

Your chicken is now a flare.

Looks like that chicken is on fire

Awwwwwwh Yeaaaaah

It is a glitch, has been around for ages but not really duping since its just a flare you get in the end.

Use a flare --> get a flare

Not really duping.