[BUG?] Everyone is dead after server restart. [EXP]

Hello, i noticed that when I restart my server (quit in console) everyone is dead, even when there’s no one online.


is the map also resetted ? Do you have “-load” in your start - parameters ?

Can you give me normal command line? i don’t have the -load parameter in my command line, do i need anything else?

RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname “MY HOSTNAME” +server.port 28015 +server.identity “MY SERVER IDENTITY” +server.seed 6738 +rcon.port 28016 +rcon.password “MY RCON PASSWORD”

RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.hostname "MY HOSTNAME" +server.port 28015 +server.identity "MY SERVER IDENTITY" +server.seed 6738 -load +rcon.port 28016 +rcon.password "MY RCON PASSWORD"

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This “-load” Parameter will start your saved map on restart and doesn’t wipe it, and since the update yesterday, it doesn’t seem to cause “Memory leak” anymore.

thanks <3 i’ll try it.

my advice is get FTP client and do a daily backup of your server save folder which has you server map and save inside. MAKE SURE you get the save folder and not just saves inside.

-batchmode +server.ip xx.xxx.xxx.xxx +server.port xxxxx +server.level “Procedural Map” +server.seed (map number) +server.maxplayers 50 +server.hostname “YOUR server host name” +server.identity “xxxxxxx” +rcon.ip xx.xxx.xxx.xxx +rcon.port xxxxx +rcon.password (letters and numbers) +query_port xxxxx -load

That is my config, x’ are YOUR server info

Same stuff is happening to me. I cant even leave the game without being dead upon rejoining.