Bug - Everything suddenly freezes, becomes unusable & invisible.

PC specs:
i7 4770
EVGA 760 4gb
8gb ram
850w psu

Very frustrating.

It’s hard to pin this bug down, since it seems to happen randomly. I will be going along and doing my business, and then everything freezes. An airdrop plane will freeze in place, NPC’s will freeze in place, players will freeze in place. I also cannot switch weapons, and I cannot interact with the world. When this happens, my friends tell me that they can see me moving, however I can’t see them, since to me, they are frozen somewhere else. They will open a door for me, but I cannot jump through it because it appears to be closed on my screen. To them, it looks like I’m jumping into an invisible wall when I try to go into the door.

When I restart Rust and/or Steam, I come back into the game and the same exact thing happens, except now I can’t see any of my items. They’re invisible, but I can’t switch to them and I can’t see them (I know this through testing with my friends).

I usually just rejoin and hope it goes away, but it rarely does. I just had my friend kill me and take my gear so that I could respawn. Once I respawned, the bug was gone. However I then KILLED myself to respawn at a sleeping bag and the bug suddenly happened again.

This happens in multiple servers, and there is no apparent pattern. It can be happen right after a suicide, or it can happen as I’m just walking along.