Bug exploit or Just Hacking? the wonderful world of the "hidden Village inside Rocks"

So i m admin, and after I have banned a highly suspected hackers, i was surching his home around where he was so often… then i ve taken a shot through a Stone. Hum a mate of the hacker ! i teleport on him… And Wooaaw i found the paralel world of rust : “Inside the Rocks !”. ive ban all the people inside it, and destroy the small village of shelter.
I ve searched any way to use a bug to go inside the rock but i cant find it, iso is it a hack to teleport OR to go through the rocks when they want simply? i never heard about it ?

I dont exactly remember the location but it is about : “6136” “341” “-3726”

So admins, take care of fire-light coming from inside rocks !

It has something to do with your sleeping bag, not explaining it but…

It’s a massive exploit, good job banning them.

Also happens a lot on servers with the mod that allows you to set a home and teleport to it. Which is a very good reason to stay away from those servers.

Yeh I found a spot to do this on one of these servers. Im sure they are all over the map

Yeah you can do it with almost every rock and outcropping in the game. I get into all the popular rocks and destroy every box I can see. Public service.

hahah nice. People will continue to do so as long as it is in the game. Teleport that is

You can place a sleeping bag inside any rock that has and overhang
You sit under the over hang and look up at the rock and spam trying to place the sleeping bag. Then suicide and ur in the rock and can pick up your stuff from your bag.
Just becareful if you bud in it that your base doesnt poke out the top or sides

Frares, tried to send you a pm but you have them disabled

oh ill activate it if i find :slight_smile:

posted it long time ago

still not fixed . . .

Facepunch please fix this…

This won’t be a problem when procedural map generation happens.

On the plus side if you do manage to see one of these bases they are normally very easy to raid if you know of the exploit as well and are often full of gear, plus you get the satisfaction of knowing you have stopped some guy abusing a pretty game breaking exploit.

On the downside people can also shoot out of the rocks they are in and you cant shoot in, really needs to be fixed.

But… if someone went into that rock… Didn’t that person abuse it to :o

(even if it’s to get their gear)

Stay out of da’ rocks ! Tell the admin(s)!

No admins on official servers so its up to us to stop it if we find it happening. I don’t see that it is a problem if done to directly combat a person who is abusing it. Sure i went into the rock but I removed the loot and stored it in a raidable base. We also placed walls on the foundation rendering the rock base useless for the future.

I agree on a community sever with good admins it is potentially worth contacting the admin first.

I’ll show the admins on the server I play on so they know what’s up… whether they feel it’s ok on their server or not, I dunno.

They have Oxide running and has the ability to remove your building’s structures when desired, so I’ve seen a few odd buildings floating in the air, or large bases up in the air with just a single stairway up the middle, etc.

I plan to make my base high up in the air eventually as well, but with no doors and the only way to get through is to remove a ceiling from below and place it back when you’re in… XD

Last night I created a similar tower between civ hanger and civ mountain for all to see which is designed like the above and placed a few items inside for anybody who can figure out how to get into it. Every few days, I’ll expand on it and make it more difficult each time with more valuable items inside so players have something to do besides KoSíng each other :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s no reason to believe this to be the case. This would seem to be a bug based on two things – 1) the logic that detects valid sleeping bag positions isn’t 100% foolproof, and 2) there is no logic in the game to detect that you are in a rock. Neither of those would necessarily be resolved just simply by the map being procedurally generated rather than handmade. Why do you think otherwise?

By the way, this is personally one of my most disliked exploits. One of my favorite things to do in Rust is to see how I can build on and around rock formations to minimize access to a house. Since non-exploiting players can’t get through rocks, a house built against one has one less ‘front’ to attack with c4. What inevitably happens though is that someone will use the exploit to walk right into your house through a rock. Very annoying.

Thats not about procedural map geration or not, even if there is a generation this still will happen because Garry did only program rocks to be solid from outside, from the game POV the rock is just a space surrounded with solid.