Bug Exploit

One of my players found a bug.

Your able to use ladder hatches and wooden shutters to push yourself through objects

Did you take this SS when using hack? :smiley:

No I’m using the oxide plugin AdminRadar

I have had this happen to me and so have friends the hatch pushed us through the floor below in our base …it only happend with one hatch in our base but under the hatch it had a repair bench placed

so that may have been causing the bug but just a guess

Yeah I have no clue. I figure Garry might no somthing

I’m sure don’t abuse that :wink: http://imgur.com/a/9cJYy Can you give me your server name, so me and my friends know what to avoid.

Sure thing buddy I’ll do you a solid and here is the IP

had this bug happen to me the other day going out my base, the doors swing into the base, and the main one is into a triangle foundation and i was standing on it to open the door to go out and was pushed through the wall with all my gear on into the honeycomb with no way to get out lol.

Yeah it is pretty annoying