Bug? Few ideas.

So, I’ve built quite a large house now and it does have quite a few windows on it and i would like to prevent people from just building foundations and ramping/stairing into my house and stealing my stuff. My idea was to put ramps up against the foundations on the ground so you couldn’t actually put anything there and my home would be safe, but i put a ramp down and it was a little more than halfway into the ground and i went to test and make sure i couldn’t put a foundation there but i still could…I could also still build on the foundation like the ramp wasn’t there. I then decided i would put wooden storage boxes there so you couldn’t build a foundation but you can also build right over storage boxes like they aren’t there. I feel like you shouldn’t be able to do this?

As for the ideas Me and some friends like the idea of

  1. A flare gun.
  2. Night vision goggles. <-- may not fit in with the caveman style though.
  3. Perhaps something like a dirt bike with a storage box on the back. Since as an admin you can actually spawn cars I’m assuming they may have already had this idea.
  4. The weapon sway isn’t so bad on most guns but on the Bolt Action Rifle it’s rather ridiculous and I’d like it if it was reduced some or there was a way to temporarily reduce/halt sway enough to get a good shot.
  5. My friend would like the ability to actually temporarily knock someone out if you were able to smash them with a melee from behind, and then be able to move their body for a short time. And I think its a pretty cool idea.
  6. And also I was thinking since stones are probably the least obtained resource if you could make a stone house that’s stronger then both the wood and metal that would be quite cool.
  7. Bleeding not being able to actually kill you. Bring you down to 1 HP but not actually finish you. Not a death that happens often but I feel like its a slow and frustrating way to die. xD