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now I am very new to this forum so I don’t know if this will be spam :frowning:

any way I don’t have rust alpha key but I do want to help find and kill all these bugs and glitches in game so I will be watching YouTube vids of this game and posting all the bugs and glitches I see the YouTube thing might not be the best way but I still want to help so here I go

1 most of you that play the game know the rocks bleed blood lol that’s one

2 there is also a glitch to dupe items by dropping the item then having both you and a friend picking it back up and the same time

3 if a wooden wall is place from the outside you can glitch past it and get into houses

4 I don’t know if this was meant but a zombie cant walk and kills you in 2 hits

5 If a guy has ore on him he only drops 1 of the ore
6 some times a guy hitting you with a hatchet is faceing the wrong why but still hitting you
That is all the bugs and glitchs I have For now

There is already a GitHub area where only alpha testers can report to

sorry did not know :frowning:

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Read here:

Report bugs here:

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