[BUG] Floor as a wall, horizontal pillars

Hello everyone.
As many know longtime it possible to put a floor like wall.
(I know this from three weeks ago).
Today the bug is still active, I did not give much importance to this.

until what happened the next…

Much people use this bug for raid houses on my server, I’m a little tiring to quarrel or ban users for using this type of bugs.

Hope you can repair this error.

(I know many others, but I think this has priority over the other).
(others are just jumping through the roof, may be authorized in the closet if is on the top floor).

Regards (and sorry for my English).

I’ve been doing this for a while. Nothing new. I prefer two pillars and a wall in between so I can safely walk over the house I am going to raid or better yet a door that faces downward- that way I can have my buddy open the door and I drop on the house.

I am also very good at placing floors wherever I want for whatever reason. Usually doesn’t take me more than 1-2 to place a floor standing up.

Also, upgrade your roof, its really important. Yeah I may take 80 damage from a big jump but people are going to get up there.

Lol, I’ve seen your handiwork all over the Seattle server. You should come to the southern desert island and help us raid these dicks that run around killing everyone and bragging how they own the place. They’re so annoying.

LOL that’s awesome. Will be on tonight and do just that!

also made a video on it (apologize to anyone who watched my previous one taken at nighttime). http://youtu.be/qwwtaayyNkA I think it would be a really cool way to make a bridge across smaller waterways because you wouldn’t have to worry about connecting underwater foundations.

This bug is not gamebreaking. you only need to protect your roof so if people jump on it, they dont have access to your things. the same way you would protect your first floor!

Please keep this glitch in, it can only be used for fun building, which is the only fun we can have now since we are denied hier-tier blueprints and wood farming…

It is somewhat gamebreaking because it allows you to actively avoid a game balancing mechanism (stability). I have no problem with them adding something that adds creative building, but it should fit with the pre-defined mechanism, not make them irrelevant.

I will probably be the only person to say it for now, kind of hope they keep it for now. I love the idea of building bridges like this. I also don’t think it is gamebreaking, your roof needs to be upgraded too! Plus the distance you have to build these things up to jump on a house to clear the tool cupboard usually gets you dangerously close to death, if not actually killing you. Imagine the raiders that go through all the work then get nothing. There is a limit to this, as the stability goes down 1 percent per pillars, then nothing will place after 5%. Usually, if you are doing this up high to raid, the stability is already really low at the first pillar, maybe 15 or something and you can get max 10 pillars out. It also takes a good degree of estimation for raiding purposes. Too low and you won’t get to the building, too high you die on impact, and it is a fine line between barely surviving and death to begin with.

If you see these people, a could of shots to the sideways twig floor will bring it right down. Hit the block stack before they can start, then even better win. I’ve been foiled a few times doing this, where a guy with a rock on the ground or a guy shooting from the building makes the whole thing topple with us on top.

You have made an interesting case for FP adding support for some sort of horizontal building, but that isn’t a good case for continuing to allow a clearly bugged mechanism that violates current stability rules.

It shouldn’t exist, and we need raiding ladders!


How about grappling hooks you can throw.

You would have to be accurate for them to catch hold
Wood ledges would be easiest to grab hold of
You fatigue greatly as you climb the rope
They could snap if you rest too long in an area on the rope
Defenders can release the rope causing you to fall
Can be crafted by adding rope to pickaxes
Maybe even used as additional throwing weapon
Batman may even welcome your naked help :slight_smile:



trust the army to do shit simple. pole + grappling hook ladder = stupidproof.