[BUG/GLITCH] you can glitch into someone's house using a sleeping bag

Hi guys, I want to report a glitch. You can put a sleeping bag in someone’s house, if u placed it right u can than get in the house by spawning in the sleeping bag. This is a major glitch and should be fixed fast.

It’s already being worked on.

Yeah, I saw that post but it didnt mention the house?

this has been a bug since pre-june

And they still haven’t fixed it? That is so bad…

Why dont they just increase the Hitbox of the Sleeping bag? so it cant be placed with-in objects, Hmm confused.

I’m trying this on my own server at the moment put the foot inside my 1x1 hut and the head in the 1x1 hit each one spawns me outside, no issues?

Rama214 has spent more time in foundations than in buildings :stuck_out_tongue: