[BUG] Global "EmitSound" is broken

hook.Add(“PlayerInitialSpawn”, “playerInitialSpawn”, function(ply)

hook.Add(“PlayerSpawn”, “playerSpawn”, function(ply)
EmitSound(“buttons/blip1.wav”, ply:GetPos(), ply:EntIndex(), 1, 1, 128, 0, 100)

– console:
SV_StartSound: buttons/blip1.wav not precached (0)

i making new projectiles metatable but Global EmitSound does not working.
any ideas?

Can you try precaching the sound right before you emit it?

Read this:

Just use this instead:

Thanks but sorry… this thread not solved.
“Entity:EmitSound” is only using entity’s.
“i made new projectile metatables(this is not entity)”. so i need (Updating pos) to sound play

sound.Play method: is static play sound(not dynamic)
Entity:EmitSound method: is dynamic sound(but only using entity!)
EmitSound method: is dynamic(but this broken)

what should i do now…

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Oh sorry EmitSound is only clientside…