[BUG] Grass redrawing - a different kind of flicker

Before the latest patch, I was suffering from grass flickering, but with the latest patch it’s different. As I walk, areas of grass are redrawing themselves at different locations instead of flickering on/off.

Anyone having similar issues? I’m running a nVidia GTX 770 with the latest drivers installed.

yep i have a gtx680 on lastest driver (331.82) with the same problem, also had flicker last patch now it “redraws” the grass in diffrent locs IF I MOVE, when im standing still everything looks ok, but when i move it goes to shit

I have the same GPU and am having the same problem. The grass even appears in places it wouldn’t normally such as roads.

I’m glad I’m not alone. Anyone else have this issue? Any workarounds for now?

I’m using nVidia Geforce GTX 660 Ti and i have same problem.

I have gtx 660 Ti too , and i have the same problem . I can’t play with this grass flashing it hurts so much my eyes lol . Help

Same problem with my 650Ti. I’m gong to try it on a 9800gtx in a bit to see if it happens on it too.

I’ve got the exact same problem too and I’m using nVidia GeForce gtx 670 and I’ve the latest driver upgrade too.

Anyone find a workaround for this issue? I wonder if it’ll be fixed in a future patch or Unity update.

A video of this would be most helpful!