[BUG] Huge dupe bug

Hello dear devs,
I’ve found a massive bug with crafting, it allows you to dupe.
Choose any item you want to craft.
Put the exact ammout of items you need to be able to craft the item in your inv.
Split the items.
Item’s won’t disappear + you get the item + you get more items (of the craftin material).
put 2 cloths in inventory.
split it.
craft a bandage.
Recieved bandage + 2 cloths + a stack of cloths.

Craft a big ammout of items (I crafted 47 barrickades)
You’ll get the items and the craft material won’t disappear!

Already reported: http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1278633

Can a mod remove for sake of it being circulated even more…

It’s an alpha. I wouldn’t be surprised if everything was reset next week.

I wouldn’t be surprised neither. If they reset everything at the cost of better gameplay, I would agree to that.

That works too.