BUG? I can't close my door, but I can open it. My friend can do it the normal way

So when I open my door, I can’t close it. I have a numlock and I can still access that. I just can’t select the door in any way, nor with a hammer. I can’t damage it either. It’s just not selectable. The moment my friend closes my door, I can select it again and I can open it. But I can’t close.

Any help?

Is the door going slightly into a storage box or anything else when it opens? That can make it difficult to select.

Logged in this morning (GMT+3) on my server. Opened full armored door with a lock and could not close it!
Tried to make a new door. Same problem persists. Chaning code lock does not help. Bug represents only at full armored doors :confused:

I’m getting the same thing. Sheet metal door works okay, heavy armoured no. I have tried a couple that don’t have a box in em too :wink:

Yes, with me it’s also the full armoured door. No problem with the others! There isn’t a single entity blocking the door. I’ve also swapped it around when I could (after my friend closed it). Nothing fixed the problem

I hope this is getting fixed soon. :frowning:

Yep, same problem here. I can’t close my full armoured door. All my loot is free to take.
Oh well…

I hope more people come and complain here, so the issue will be resolved asap. Pretty huge bug tbh in a game where protecting your base is everything.

Is this on the Public branch? I heard this bug has been in the dev branch for the last 2-3 days. I guess they committed it to the public branch. FYI it only affects top tier “armoured” doors.

This is development - the latest updates branch, haven’t tried on stable. Couldn’t connect to my server today due to error “Wrong connection pool” on dev or stable branches. Don’t know what that means