[BUG] Incomplete Game Save

First I lost several hours of building by typing “save blah” into the console only to realize that this creates old style saves which can’t be loaded into GM13 by any means I’m aware of. This was my fault but perhaps that command should be disabled or turned into an alias for “gm_save”. After learning how to save properly in GM13 I again saved after some hours of building a Wire Mod contraption and closed the game. Upon relaunching the game and loading my save, I found that the frame of my creation composed of standard props remained exactly where I left it but every Wire Mod component had disappeared rendering the whole thing useless. Why was my saved game mysteriously devoid of Wire stuff and how can I work around this for the time being?

This is an issue with wiremod, not with GMod. They haven’t made their entities compatible with the duplicator.

You can save normally, like in GMod 12, using the save commands in the console.

But generally if you’re having problems with wiremod, that’s wiremods issue - not ours.

I see. Thanks for the quick reply!

Edit: The standard GM13 duplicator copies Wire Mod entities fine. So I’m guessing saved games are a completely different issue? Also the old save and load commands worked except for the fact that when I loaded, not even my normal props were left on the map. The commands I used were “save blah” and “load blah”.