Bug infinite object

I don’t know how they do this, but there is a strange bug that stuck items in rapid slot, so if you use it don’t disappears.

It is dangerous because is used with rocket and C4, so they have infinite rocket or C4.

Someone in my server has spoilered this to me and I checked the accused sleeping player (which he used rockets like rain), really I can’t get rocket from his inventory, is stuck.

Someone knows something?

samething can happen to boxes too

Facepunch have a really cool bug ticketing system going on…

Why do so many people persistently post bugs on the forum instead of using that? Now, instead of quietly getting solved, a lot more people are aware of a possible exploit in the game.

This is a gamebreaking bug, please fix ASAP, now I know how to bug a rocket and to have infinite rocket…

Every raid I see as admin, when the players use the rocket laucher, I have alway the dubt they are using this bug.

This bug has reported the 06/30 but it still in game…

Raising awareness within the community increases visibility, and thus makes it harder to ignore.

It just got fixed:

Server update, no more bug… but… the infinite rocket previously created still there.

The infinite rocket is a variation of double bug, instead of duplicating the rocket become indestructible and can be used indefinitely, the creation is fixed with the update but if you have done it previously the indestructible rocket… it is still in the server.

There is a command for to destroy all the rockets on the map?

I have a problem to destroy infinite missile on the server. Any command like “del autospawn/resource/ores” to destroy missile? Its a fucking shit this bug.