[BUG] input.IsMouseDown( KEY ) returns always true with an invalid key.

Made a clientside check if a specific key is pressed like:

input.IsKeyDown(KEY) or input.IsMouseDown(KEY)

And when KEY is like “17” for “g” it always returns true because “input.IsMouseDown(17)” always returns true as there is no 17th mousekey.
Checked if the same problem could occur with “input.IsKeyDown(KEY)” while a really big number causes the game to crash an invalid key returns false and a big number for input.IsMouseDown(KEY) also causes a crash.

Hope you can/will fix it if it’s a bug and some of the other infos are useful too.

P.S. dunno if its the right forum for bugs as thers no specific gmod bug forum.

This is the place for bugs: https://github.com/Facepunch/garrysmod-issues

If you report crashes, post .mdmp files too.

Dunno how this works there could you do it for me? And i got no .mdmp file yet also its really easy to recreate.