[Bug]Invisible clientside hand models.

Hey everyone, I was working on my gamemode the other day and suddenly I came across this error. When the player clicks a spawn button and is given a new loadout, the hands on the gmod viewmodels are invisible, but not the weapons themselves.

Also, here is the code for the concommand that is called when the spawn button is:
hook.Call( “PlayerLoadout”, GAMEMODE, player )
hook.Call( “PlayerSetModel”, GAMEMODE, player )


player:SelectWeapon( “weapon_fists” )[/Lua]

Am I forgetting to set a model clientside or something? What could be the problem?

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Nevermind, I figured it out:

I wasn’t calling this piece of code within my spawn function.

player_manager.SetPlayerClass( player, “player_sandbox” )