Bug involving my physics gun malfunctioning.

System hardware specs

  • Intel Core2Duo E8400 3GHz
  • 4GB
  • eVGA 8800gt 512MB
  • Win7pro x64

Addons you have installed

  • via glua On 4/25/2010:
  • CDS3
  • PHX
  • GS2,RTS,PetrolmBHC
  • SB3 (I have a version that says 3.0 in the addons\ but my gamemodes\sb3 says 3.1. I got one of these from glua, and the other from customaddons.googlecode [I believe])
  • wire
    -via garrysmod.org:
  • SB New Worlds 2
  • star trek shuttle pack
  • via SVN: Stargate, stargate resources, gmdm_resources, catdaemon_stargate, stargate_gdo.

All mods are installed, I’m not an idiot by installing wire wrong (already fixed that on the first launch =P)

Any changes you’ve made in the past month
Everything. I had all stuff from some 2 years ago or something, so I removed all but the Valve folders from addons, and redid everything. Well, I didn’t delete the entire folder.

My Issue:

When trying to move things with the physics gun, it will work for about a second, then the physics gun stops working. It almost seems like I’m trying to move something that is welded to the world, but when I let go it drops. I can then move it again for a second. Same thing with rotating. In addition, it isn’t a regular amount of time, even with the same object. sometimes I can rotate more or less.

Is this a known thing, or did I do something really weird here? I did some searching, but I found no help for it. Thanks!

do you have prop protection mod? sometimes in save games gmod thinks the prop is not yours and does not allow you to move it.

Not unless that is included on any of the mods above. Here’s a SS of my addons folder also. I missed the durgzmod, and space build pack.

Also, here’s video of the error.