Bug issue: update monday 02.23 Storage boxes disappear.

Me and my friend noticed today that 3 small storage boxes and 1 big (4 total) so far disappeard from our base.
We lost some nice stuff and not able to get those back. Now I fear the rest will go down in smoke as well.

Before anyone concludes and ask, NO we didn’t move the stuff and smash those creates they just vanish plain and simple.

Edit: all 4 creates was located in 3rd floor, with removed stairs/block from 1st and 2nd.
No holes in the walls and or roof. All doores shut, and if there was someone inside, why not go for guns create and or include those with a 8000 metal fragments that was in the big create that did vanish.

So I think I covered most of the theory around the issue. Big one also had a code lock, but I do not see that as an issue do to 3 small without.

Is it not possible someone gained entry and destroyed all your crates?
To my knowledge every place-able object currently is destroy-able except for sleeping bags, which require floor removal.

As I described, No holes in walls, floors and or roof. ALL in metal in this case. We are only TWO with access, through 6 metal doors with code locks on them. All with different combinations. We had the base since last monday, and it only started happening today after the patch. We remove the blocks when we leave and log off, so no one should be able to get up from 1st to 3rd floor, without cupboard access, also located on the top floor.

Can include that this happend on FP Amsterdam II official one.

I can confirm this issue too. I had crates disappear while I was there. Absolute zero chance that anyone got them and destroyed them. At first I thought it was the issue with walls and stuff disappearing but they were still gone after I logged off/on. I lost a total 7 small crates packed with good stuff from a week of barrel hunting.

It is good that you can confirm. I tried the same, my friend told me they were gone. So I told him to relog and check. And I did the same, they were still gone. It started with 2 and 2 more after that.

So it’s not all crates, it’s crate stability. All stacked crates will disappear with the current patch. I think this was a changed based around stopping people from crate stacking to raid bases. Inadvertently it means if you have crates in you base full of stuff that are stacked…they’ll go bye bye about 10 mins after the server reboots.

TLDR: It’s not a bug, you just can’t stack crates anymore.

Do you have any source for this claim? not seen any, or I would actually and I think Frank_Walls also would remove items if creates were to despawn.

I had another house with stacked crates and they were still there, plus the server hadn’t rebooted and I’d been playing about an hour or so.

don’t suppose you have a twitter post etc to back that? it makes sense though if it is the case.