Bug issues and glitches

OK, I have been playing gmod for some years now, and I was happy with gmod 12! Now since the release of Gmod 13, EVERYTHING HAS BEEN A DISASTER! Bugs and glitches that garry has yet to fix:
Known Bugs that I have noticed in Gmod 13:

-Lamp lights shine will become mirrored towards the back of the lamp.
-Hydrolics will become spaztic at a high height if a vehicle or heavy object is on it
-Sounds will bug somtimes, such as: the reverse gear on the jalopy, the starting sound will bug if car moved forwards (then idle sound wont stop playing after exiting vehicle).
-Somtimes when downloading somthing off workshop, it will download 1% every 2-5 seconds
-Unable to replace Jeep(Buggy) models, without it being invisible. Apon entering the Jeep, everything will be black, except the HUD. When exiting the Jeep, everything wil glitch badly.
-Tool gun texture will somtimes become shiny.
-Gmod 13 will use alot of memory from the players computer, resulting is somewhat slow gameplay.
-When playing in a map, apon pausing, the screen will become White.
-After disconnecting from a map or server, unable to click anything.
-Gamemodes such as Zmod, bug up badly.

These are some very annoying bugs Garry, get with the program AND FIX THEM. All the other gmod’s where very good, its just Gmod 13 was a total
disaster. WILL U PLEASE FIX THIS, its VERY annoying and with all these bugs, these are not all of them but, no one is gonna buy your game if any of these isn’t fixed…

1-2. Can you post examples of these?
3. That’s just an overall Source issue iirc
4. That’s a Steam regional server issue
5. Problem with the model you’re using
6. Example?
7. Known issue, being worked on.
8. Can’t replicate.
9. I have this issue as well, but it only lasts a few seconds.
10. This is an issue with the gamemodes itself, not GMod.

I know its not the problem with the model, idk if its being worked on or anything, and idk the rest. All I know is that its been there since the release of gmod 13.

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But I can post some screenshots of the bugs at least