BUG keep walking to the left

i keep walking to the left and its not my key bored i have disconnected it and it still moves to the left


how do i open the console

-I only just realized this is not the gmod support section, I need to stop forgetting rust exists :v:-

lol, yea theres theres no -left command.

Do you happen to have a game pad connected that might be laying on the floor with its stick to the left?


no no game pad’s and now it get stuck on loading the game i was playing a minute ago not its gets stuck on 99%

Yeah i hate when my key bored does that too.

how did you fix it

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how did you fix it

I get the same glitch. :U

I’ve encountered something similar in minecraft when I play in windowed mode. I would suggest playing the game full screen. You can do this by changing your screen resolution in the options.

:@ have you manegd to fix it what key bored do you have

Does it move left when your in the tab menu?

I’d try unplugging the keyboard or any other input devices when your inside the game ( outside of the tab menu ) and seeing if you stop moving. I don’t think that theres anything that would cause this issue in our code, but you might want to try some other unity webplayer games like this (uses WASD) or this(+arrows) and see if it persists in those games as well.

No it stops when I’m in tab and I disconnected my keyborde and it kept walking

right so i tested them games to and it still happened and my mouse was going allover the place