Bug: Kick on weapons

  1. you should shoot THEN kickback on the weapons.

  2. You should return to appx the same location of the starting shot not aim at the sky when the kickback is done.

  3. kickback is in line with the barrel ie travels horizontally the body turns not the gun that is why you should return to approximately the same position as starting.

yeah sure buddy

hmm so you’re a superhuman being that only has his horizontal aim shifted slightly because of the kickback?
That would be an incredible feat!

And no, I don’t agree that your aim should return to the starting position. This isn’t CoD.

Not even CoD has this feature.

What is the point of kickback if this were the case? If it just ends up right back where you were already aiming they might as well take it out altogether… which I think is a horrible idea.

But several source engine games handle knockback like this? I actually like it more than knockback that changes your view angle permanently